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Technical consulting for welding

Welding technology has many facets: material selection, design and calculation, choice of welding processes, welding drawings, qualification of the company and the welding staff, quality control, inspection and testing, standards and regulations, and much more. Our specialists will advise you competently on individual topics or on the entire process.

Preparation for a welding standard audit

You have decided to have your company certified according to a welding standard.

  • Which welder qualification (WPQ) and welding procedure tests (WPQR) does your company need?
  • Which welding personnel – welders, operators, welding co-ordinators, non-destructive testing personnel – is required?
  • How do you structure the quality management system?
  • Do the welding facilities meet the requirements of the standard?
  • Do the affected employees require additional training on the subject?
  • What are the estimated costs?
  • How long does it take to prepare for the approval audit?
  • Is a pre-audit advisable?

Our specialists will actively support you in answering these and other questions on the subject and in implementing the requirements of the standards.

Consulting for welded designs

You design and/or manufacture complex welded components.

  • Can the structure be welded in terms of accessibility, welding sequence, seam preparation, base and filler materials, etc.?
  • Is there still scope for optimization regarding distortion, residual stresses, cost-effectiveness, etc.?
  • Are the quality requirements clearly defined?
  • Can the weld seams also be tested by NDT?
  • What else needs to be considered for on-site welding?
  • Is the welding drawing complete, unambiguous, and correctly dimensioned according to the specifications of ISO 2553?

Have your designs and welding drawings checked by our experts!

Consulting for welder and welding procedure qualifications

You want to weld components in compliance with standards.

  • Which welder and welding operator qualifications and which welding procedure qualifications are required for this?
  • Does the scope cover all welding operations?
  • Can the number of tests be optimized?
  • Have all the details of the welding process been considered?
  • How does one create a welding procedure specification (WPS) for the test-pieces?

We’ll gladly help you create your welder and welding procedure qualifications.

Consulting for non-destructive and destructive testing

Your welded components need to be tested during production or in operation.

  • What scope of testing is required?
  • Which test methods are suitable and which are not?
  • Were the components designed to be tested and are they accessible for NDT?
  • Which mock-up and tests are useful and meaningful?
  • Which qualifications does your testing staff need to have?
  • Are the test instructions appropriate and complete, and do they comply with standards?

Our experts will find solutions for these and similar questions.

Consulting for training and further education of welding personnel

The production of welded components according to the requirements of standards requires welders and operators, welding co-ordinators – Welding Practitioners (IWP), Welding Specialists (IWS), Welding Technicians (IWT) and/or Welding Engineers (IWE) – as well as people to carry out non-destructive tests.

  • Which qualifications and certifications do your employees need?
  • How long does the training and further education last?
  • What are the costs involved?

Let us advise you on how your welding personnel can be optimally qualified and certified.

Failure investigations, special repairs and projects

Your components or systems that are already in operation are damaged and need to be repaired.

  • How can the extent of the damage be reliably determined?
  • What repair or refurbishment options are there?
  • Who can accompany the project from the welding technology aspect in cooperation with subcontractors on site – In Switzerland or abroad?

We have highly qualified and experienced experts who ideally complement your project team in all matters relating to welding and testing of special cases.

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